What’s your style…curly, wavy, or flat?


Picture of fresh kaleUntil it came into favor a few years ago, kale probably was not something you thought of eating. Your only interaction might have been the pretty green garnish the chef put on your plate. Due to all the health crazes, kale has become one of today’s most popular green vegetables. Consumers can purchase kale at the grocery store all year long and can find it locally at a Delaware farmers’ market between August and November. If you haven’t figured out which style of kale you prefer, let’s help differentiate between curly, wavy, or flat kale.

Nutrient packed, kale provides a good dose of fiber, more than twice the daily amount of Vitamin C, and high levels of Vitamins A and K, and magnesium. As with any food, moderation is key because too much kale has been found interfere with thyroid regulation and the higher levels of Vitamin K can be detrimental for individuals on blood thinning medication. You should consult your medical professional if you have any concerns about eating kale.

Curly Kale
Can be pale to dark green with large, curly edged leaves with long stems. Curly kale is thicker with a fibrous stem that should be removed before preparing the rest of the leaf according to the specific recipe. This type of kale provides a peppery flavor to dishes. Since it has a thicker leaf, it does well roasted or sautéed with oil.

Wavy Kale
An Italian kale that goes by many names, including Tuscan Kale and Dinosaur Kale (someone thought through the marketing on this one to get kids to eat kale). Deeper in color, the leaves are thinner and more tender. This kale lends itself to salads, slaw, and slow cooking.

Flat Kale
The Red Russian kale has a beautiful flat teal/purple leaf that has edges much like an oak leaf. This kale is much more tender than the other varieties and has a sweeter flavor making it perfect for salads.

Looking to try kale for the first time or need some new recipes to finish up the kale you bought? If you love potato chips, try making our Delaware Grown Kale Chips – just make sure you make extra because they will go very quickly. We also have a hearty Kale and Sausage Soup that is perfect for cooler nights.

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