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Soup Month is Here!

Did you know January is National Soup Month? That’s right, and we have lots of unique soup recipes to share. Start your soup journey with our Kale and Sausage Soup recipe. It won’t disappoint. Cauliflower Soup  An adventurous cook looking for a new recipe will want to give cauliflower soup a try. Asparagus Soup  A […]

Delaware Grown Cool Weather Recipes

Looking for ways to keep the family eating healthy during those cold winter months? Or maybe you want to stay active and healthy but the cold weather has got you down. Don’t worry, we’ve created a list of our favorite Delaware Grown winter recipes to warm your soul and your belly.         […]

Keep Your Spud From Turning into a Dud

There are 25 Delaware family farms growing potatoes – red, yellow, and white, along with some specialty potatoes. No matter whether you buy your potatoes from the grocery store, on-farm market, or at a farmers’ market, there are a few tips you need to know to keep your spud from turning into a dud.

What’s your style…curly, wavy, or flat?

Until it came into favor a few years ago, kale probably was not something you thought of eating. Your only interaction might have been the pretty green garnish the chef put on your plate. Due to all the health crazes, kale has become one of today’s most popular green vegetables. Consumers can purchase kale at […]