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Cutting Leeks

Don’t be intimated; leeks are a wonderful alternative to onions and easier to clean and cut than you think. Follow these five steps for the perfect leek experience. Chop off the base (roots) Chop off the flag (green leaves) Cut the remaining leek in half lengthwise Cut half-moon sections Place in a bowl of water […]

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with your child can educate and empower them to make healthy choices with fresh local ingredients. We have a few tips to keep cooking with children low stress and safe: 1. Bring out a step stool. Help them get involved with a safe full view of the kitchen counter. 2. Dress for a mess. […]

How to Shop at a Farmers’ Market

A friend of mine, Trish, told me that she avoids shopping at farmers’ markets. Honestly, she was a bit scared because it is nothing like shopping at her local grocery store. I encouraged her to visit a farmers’ market with me so I could show her how to shop. I picked Trish up early on […]