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Tips for Picking Fresh Sweet Corn

Backyard barbecues don’t feel complete without the addition of fresh corn on the cob. How do you know you’re getting the freshest local sweet corn? Here are our top four tips for picking fresh sweet corn: Choose an ear with a bright green husk is essential when you are on the quest for the freshest corn. […]

Picking Strawberries

Driving past local strawberry fields always brings back memories of sunshine warming my back and the sweet smell of ripe strawberries in the air. The excitement of picking strawberries lives in the fondest of childhood memories as I would dash down the field looking for the best spot with the ripest berries. There are very […]

How to Shop at a Farmers’ Market

A friend of mine, Trish, told me that she avoids shopping at farmers’ markets. Honestly, she was a bit scared because it is nothing like shopping at her local grocery store. I encouraged her to visit a farmers’ market with me so I could show her how to shop. I picked Trish up early on […]