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Fresh Market Availability

From April through December, Delaware produces a bountiful amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, cut flowers, and evergreens. Our seasonality offers distinct flavors, colors, and variety that appeal to all. As a consumer, you want the best for yourself and your family. Knowing that the fresh produce you purchased has had the minimum amount […]

Cutting Leeks

Don’t be intimated; leeks are a wonderful alternative to onions and easier to clean and cut than you think. Follow these five steps for the perfect leek experience. Chop off the base (roots) Chop off the flag (green leaves) Cut the remaining leek in half lengthwise Cut half-moon sections Place in a bowl of water […]

Maximize Freshness – Tips for Storing Produce

Ever wonder how to properly store produce? Or maybe you’re tired of your fresh fruits and vegetables going bad before you have the chance to eat them. We are here to help with our produce storage tips.         COUNTERTOP Melons        7 to 10 days Peaches        1 […]