Honoring Traditions and Discovering New

My family, like many families, enjoys the tradition of spending Thanksgiving Day together feasting on turkey, sweet potato casserole, and many other classic holiday dishes until no one can keep those jeans buttoned. It’s not often that you can gather everyone in one place at one time, so my family utilizes every moment we have together. Instead of spending time in large stores fighting the lines on Black Friday, we spend the day together tagging our live Christmas tree. There is something exhilarating about a cool fall day on a Christmas Tree Farm. Local Delaware Christmas Tree farms big and small, each hold a story steeped in tradition that has become part of the traditions for so many families here in Delaware and surrounding states. As you embark on your yearly trip to find the perfect live tree, stop in the shop and check out custom holiday-inspired ornaments or gifts. Don’t forget to grab some apple cider or hot chocolate before you venture through the farm making memories and sharing smiles.


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