Have Fun with Asparagus Etiquette


Move over chicken nuggets because there is another finger food in town! Asparagus.

Sitting politely in the very formal etiquette school that the Delaware FFA State Officers attend, I had my fork in my left hand and my knife in my right cutting my asparagus into bite size pieces. When I was done, I found I was guilty of an etiquette faux-pas. Asparagus is actually meant to be eaten with your fingers – as long as it is not covered in sauce.

So if you are looking to partake, pick up your asparagus from the base with your index finger and thumb. Then daintily bite off pieces from the flower end until you reach your fingers.

You might have some lookers if they are not aware of the asparagus etiquette rule, but it definitely makes for a great conversation. And if you are having trouble getting kids to eat their veggies, this one will guarantee they clear the plate. Try out your finger food skills using our Roasted Asparagus recipe.


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