Kingsley Orchards


Female farmer picking blueberries in front of blue tractorOn a hot summer afternoon, after all the quarts of blueberries had been sold, Meghan Morgan took us on a tour of Kingsley Orchards. Full of spunk, a twinkle in her eye, and excited to showcase how far Kinglsey Orchards under her care, Meghan’s story is about finding a diamond in the rough.

In June 2016, Meghan and her husband Tony purchased a large abandoned piece of property in Frankford, Delaware through a sheriff’s sale. As a builder, Tony had plans on developing the land, but all that would change when they began to clear the overgrown land. When he started removing the very tall weeds and saplings that had grown in the field, he uncovered a hidden treasure – rows and rows of blueberry bushes. Recently retired, Meghan was exploring different areas that she enjoyed and having a green thumb, she felt this would be up her alley. She convinced Tony that she was up to the challenge to bring this old blueberry farm back to its glory.

Meghan credits University of Delaware Cooperative Extension for providing her the technical knowledge she needed to get back into production. She has been actively involved in the day to day operation – from pruning, mulching, picking blueberries and driving her blue tractor to operating her on-farm market and managing the books. It’s obvious of how proud Tony is of his wife’s accomplishments.

Her goal was to leave a legacy for all involved in the farm and for the community to treasure the memories that they made picking blueberries at Kingsley Orchards.¬†While Meghan recently stepped down from running the farm, she has turned the reins over to the Collins Family who is looking to continue Meghan’s work on bringing the best tasting blueberries and family fun to visitors from near and far. Don’t forget to give a call before heading out to pick your blueberries.

Located at:
24349 Blueberry Lane Frankford, Delaware 19945