Grilled Corn & Basil

Keep the extra butter in the frig – all the flavor you need is wrapped in the foil.


  • 12 ears of sweet corn, shucked
  • ½ cup butter
  • 36 fresh basil leaves, washed
  • Aluminum foil to wrap corn



  1. Turn grill on high to preheat.
  2. While grill is heating up, melt the butter in the microwave.
  3. Cut 12 sheets of aluminum foil that will be enough to wrap each ear tightly. Place each ear on a separate piece of foil.
  4. Brush each ear with the melted butter. Wrap 3 washed basil leaves around the ear of corn. Roll the foil around the corn to make a tight package. Repeat for each ear.
  5. Place corn on grill for 20 minutes with lid down. Rotate ¼ of a turn every 5 minutes to help flavor evenly.
  6. Remove from grill. Cool for 5 minutes. When ready to eat, carefully unwrap corn and remove basil leaves.


Handling & Storage

Choose ears with green husks, fresh silks, and tight rows of kernels.

Refrigerate corn with husks on for use within 1-2 days. If corn is unhusked, put ears in a plastic bag and refrigerate until preparation time.

To prepare, remove the husks immediately before cooking.

Nutritional Information

Calories: 127
Total Fat: 8.2 g
Saturated Fat: 4.9 g
Trans Fat: 0.0 g
Cholesterol: 20 mg
Sodium: 4 mg
Total Carbohydrates: 14.1 g
Dietary Fiber: 1.8 g
Sugars: 2.3 g
Protein: 2.1 g
Serves 12