How to Pick the Best Watermelon

It isn’t summer without a watermelon on the menu. Picking out a watermelon can be a challenge because you don’t know what you’re getting until you cut it open.


Purchasing the perfect sweet ripe watermelon is made easy with these insider tips.


Symmetrical Shape – Some watermelons are round, some are oval, and either is fine but oval tends to be less sweet. Irregular bumps mean the melon may have gotten inconsistent amounts of sun or water.

Field Spot – Look for a yellowish underside. If there’s a white field spot or no field spot at all, it is not ripe enough.

Dull is a Good Thing – If the melon is too shiny it may mean it’s underripe.

Knock on It – Your listening for a hollow sound, and the surface should be pretty firm. Soft flesh indicates it’s starting to spoil.

Heavy – Pick a watermelon that feels heavy for its size.



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