Tips for Picking Fresh Sweet Corn

Backyard barbecues don’t feel complete without the addition of fresh corn on the cob. How do you know you’re getting the freshest local sweet corn?


Bi-color sweetcorn, partially opened to show the kernels.


Here are our top four tips for picking fresh sweet corn:

  1. Choose an ear with a bright green husk is essential when you are on the quest for the freshest corn.
  2. Look for fresh silks in a light golden color, avoiding ears that have dark or sticky silks.
  3. Check out the base of the ear where the corn was removed from the stalk. If it’s turning brown it may have been picked a few days before, and therefore not as fresh.
  4. Gently squeeze the whole ear of corn to make sure there are tight rows of kernels.

Once you get your corn home, refrigerate the ears for up to two days with the husks still on. If the corn has been husked, put the ears in a plastic back and refrigerate until you are ready to cook it.

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